Tuesday, October 6, 2020

David Kupelian : Are Trump haters evil?...

 some are.

Some are not.

Most of the chaos we're seeing is caused by people who are "responding to authority."  The rioters, for the most part, have no real idea of why they're rioting, other than someone they think is in authority has ordered them to do so.

Rush Limbaugh has said:

Marxism is in complete rebellion against God, against His commandments, against His morality, against the very idea of objective truth. Marxists want their own truth, their own laws, their own morality, their own biology, their own science, their own heaven – on earth. They want nothing to do with God or the Judeo-Christian culture that comprised the moral foundation of America and Western Civilization – which they openly hate.

At its deepest level, of course, we’re talking about a war between good and evil.

In response, David Kupelian, in his very fine article at World Net Daily, Fact check: Trump says Democrats ‘have gone totally, stone-cold crazy.’ Is he right? , had this to say:

Hit the pause button: 

None of this is to say that our Democrat countrymen are evil – most are not, but they have been powerfully indoctrinated, intimidated, brainwashed. Their hatred of Trump – and of America herself as a “systemically racist” nation – combined with the Marxist indoctrination dished out by almost all U.S. colleges and reinforced by today’s “fake news” disinformation media and radically intolerant “cancel culture,” has rendered them guilt-ridden, monumentally deceived and very angry. But they are not our enemies; they’re our brothers and sisters who are enslaved by an enemy power that has, for the time being at least, totally captured their minds and loyalties. Some of them will one day wake up and come back to sanity, especially the young.

I would like to believe the very Christian approach Kupelian has to the hatred spewing forth from the mouths of leftists. But, I also believe that someone wishing, no - hoping for, terrible things, including death, to happen to another human, is himself an evil person.

Does that mean they are evil forever?  On that, I agree with Kupelian.  At any point, a person can turn back to God and throw off the shackles of evil thoughts and behavior. 

The Upcoming Election

Rush again:

"The Democrats are promising that the riots will continue and intensify. The Democrats are promising that the violence will ratchet up. In fact, this is one of the things that the Democrats are using to try to win the election. They're actually extorting voters. The Democrats are saying, if you want this, if you want this stuff to continue, elect Trump. If you elect Trump, this stuff's gonna continue and it's gonna keep getting worse. If you want us to stop, then don't elect Trump."

...“At stake in this election is the survival of our nation. It’s true, because we’re dealing with crazy people on the other side. They’ve gone totally, stone-cold crazy.”

I am blessed to live where the aftermath of the election will not in anyway compare to what is going to happen in some urban centers.  I fear for the good people who live in these places and I urge them to prepare. Do the prudent thing and put away some provisions, arm yourself, and most importantly, pray to God.

Dan Bongino, is echoing Rush in his assessment of the coming chaos - and we thank him. 


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