Thursday, October 8, 2020

Bill Whittle expounds on Trump and the Wuflu...(a must watch video)

Heather MacDonald, the last living journalist, says the mainstream media has come unhinged over President Trump's reaction to COVID-19 because it's "a violation of maximal risk aversion" -- a condition Bill Whittle calls "cowardice."

Woo boy - this is the ultimate in motivation for your Thursday.

Watch this, and like my friend, Lone Star Parson, always says:

Don't Fear the Reaper!

"Life is not about duration; its not about length, it's about volume. It's about how much life can you put in the time you have on this earth. How many experiences, how many connections, how many emotions, how many high, how many lows." Bill Whittle

Seriously. Watch this and go out and slay the day!!!

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