Monday, September 28, 2020

Why was unarmed cooperative Brad Parscale body slammed to the ground?...police video

something is fishy about this whole thing. 

At 1:13 you can hear the wife telling the cops when they first arrived what was going on. Personally, if I had to listen to that voice all the time I'd probably cold cock her too or shoot myself.  Okay - that was unnecessary snark, but I'm standing by my statement.

At 1:59 a cop approaches the house where Parscale is sitting after they called him on the phone and requested he come out.  Parscale gets up, walks toward the cop, and starts to calmly give his side of the story.  A few seconds later 2 cops spring out from behind the pickup, screaming to get on the ground, and one of them almost instantly body slams him to the ground.

Let me first say, that I'm aware of how dangerous domestic calls can be and cops must be very diligent. I'm also aware that in the majority of domestics, someone is going to jail.  In this case though, it looked like they could have just as easily handcuffed him without the body slam - unless at that point he resisted. 

Even after being body slammed and on the ground, Parscale didn't resist and was keeping his hands above his head. 

Time will tell who is telling the truth.

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