Wednesday, September 2, 2020



While out running errands yesterday, I was shocked to still see people with filthy rags tied on their faces. Some of the rags were just that - rags flapping in the breeze doing absolutely nothing but making the person wearing it look stupid.

At the ATT store, where they no longer ask you to put on a mask of oppression, the staff is still wearing them. I had a bit of a wait and was able to witness the staff touching, adjusting, pulling it down and then up (sort of like a cat at a door), approximately every minute or two. 

I saw little children in many stores with rags tied on their faces.  Who in hell does that to a kid? 

I saw people hang their masks on the rear view mirror in their cars between stops. Do these people not realize the steering wheel in their car is a petri dish of bacteria?  How many of those dunces are going to drive through some fast food place and proceed to eat food in their filthy car?

Your chances of getting the Wuflu, and your chances of actually dying from it, are less than your chances of being hit by lightning.  Even the CDC, a corrupt organization, has admitted that.

If you're wearing a filthy rag on your face, now is the time to throw it out.

At American Thinker:

The Big COVID Con Exposed

By Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

All to Steal an Election?

Was mail in voting, which is not the same as absentee voting, the goal?  I don't think so, but as Rahm Emanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

From Gateway Pundit:

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Says Trump Landslide Likely on Election Day – But will Be Flipped to Biden by Mail-In Votes Emerging a Week After Election

The post contains an interview (6:43) with annoying Hawkfish CEO, Josh Mendelsohn, discussing the use of data in making projections about the 2020.

Will it work?

I don't know.

Michael Matt, of The Remnant Newspaper, brings a bit on sanity to our world today. Grab a cup of coffee and settle back for a short break and watch this. As usual - it's excellent!

Some of what he covers:

- Trump Fever sweeps the nation, but is it too little too late? - Will schools be reopening for in-person instruction? - Was the Davos Great Reset meeting in January cancelled? - Good news from Bill Gates (HINT: AOC is going to HATE this!) - Dr. Birx on in-person voting: Shut up, Nancy! - The CDC changes testing guidelines (Was Trump right all along?) - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Was it really a "super spreader"? - How the RNC shut Christian Never Trumpers up for good. - Pope Francis wants everyone vaccinated? - If Covid deaths flatline, is it back to the Old Normal? Has the globalist enterprise 'jumped the shark', or is it right on schedule? You decide. . .

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