Friday, September 11, 2020

Never Forget?...

 it seems some people have.

Why else would states like Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana vote for and support  America and Israel hating radical Muslims?  

These same radical Muslims, 19 years later, are now supporting an attempted communist takeover of our country. 

We allow the scum of the earth to lecture us on how terrible we are in the name of tolerance and diversity.  

You, the voter, are the only thing that stands between the radical forces that are doing their best to create a "new normal." They've managed to move the line of outrage a bit further. While they may cease for awhile when you push back, the line will never retreat. Your way of life has been forever changed.

The only thing that won't ever change is the love God has for you. God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. 

Pray to Him as though your life depended on it. 

Because it does. 

Michael Savage in interview about his upcoming book:
...I think the nation we’ve come to know is coming to an end. The first chapter is called the twin plagues — “Covidism and Communism.” The Covidism has brought in pure socialism and it’s leading, with the riots, to communism if we don’t stop this. It’s my last-ditch effort to sway the election toward Trump. He’s all we got between us and the deluge. Biden is the Manchurian candidate. He’s a frontman. Look at who he picked. Kamala Harris is the most corrupt of all of them. It’s not about Biden, it’s about who will be president in three to six months. The real candidate is Kamala Harris, who is a product of the most corrupted political system in the entire country, which is the Getty-Pelosi complex which has destroyed the state of California. Chapter 2 of my book is called “The Virus Profiteers.” Fortunes are being made on the public health disaster. The book ends with the chapter about staring into the abyss, which is where we are right now. In our hearts, we think this is all going to work out, because as humans we have to think that way.

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