Thursday, September 17, 2020

Communism and the willfully ignorant...

we've been warned.

Take a trip back to 1969 with me and listen to G. Edward Griffin as he lays out how the communists will take over the U.S.

Who is G. Edward Griffin?

According to Wiki, he's "an American author of 48 books, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist. Griffin's writings promote a number of right-wing views and conspiracy theories regarding various of his political, defense and health care interests."

It goes downhill from there, and delves into Griffin's membership in the John Birch Society, the much maligned anti-communist group. 

 I admit to thinking, back 50 years or so ago, that "Birchers" were totally around the sanity bend.  But, 50 years ago, communism was not on my radar - nor was most anything that had to do with politics. I've since figured out that the Birchers, for the most part, were right.

I subscribe to the John Birch magazine, The New American, and, in full disclosure, the senior editor, William Jasper, is a personal friend of mine. 

In this short clip, Griffin is going to mention an important book, Color, Communism, and Common Sense, authored by Manning Johnson.

Who is Manning Johnson?

Back to Wiki:

Manning Rudolph Johnson AKA Manning Johnson and Manning R. Johnson (December 17, 1908 – July 2, 1959)[1] was a Communist Party USA African-American leader and the party's candidate for U.S. Representative from New York's 22nd congressional district during a special election in 1935. He later left the Party and became a government informant and witness.

Before continuing, let's clear something up about Wikipedia, which, in most instances, has become a vehicle to spread left-wing views that perpetuate smear campaigns on what they love to call "right wing extremists." 

I call Wiki a jumping off place for doing real research from reliable sources which are now damn hard to find on the internet.

I first saw this clip many years ago, and was reminded of it when FrontPageMag posted it today - and we thank them. 

It was compelling 10 years ago, but in view of what's going on now, it's almost terrifying. Keep in mind this clip is from 1969 - 51 years ago, and then tell me whether G. Edward Griffin was wrong.

In this 38 second clip, again from 1969, Griffin will explain why patriots today are called, deplorable, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-science, right wing wackos.

Where is G. Edward Griffin today? 

At 88 years old, Griffin has a clarity of thought and a presence that should shame the average 30 yo. 

This is a recent interview, which, no doubt, most people will skip due to length. That's too bad. It's excellent.

Since my only task scheduled for today is mowing (about an hour and a half job), I'll be watching Glenn Beck's new video posted over at Nox and Friends - and we thank them.

From Uriel at Nox and Friends:

BEFORE YOU START THIS VIDEO — Know that I don’t ever prescribe to conspiracies.  For many years, I have watched Glenn Beck as he spiraled out of control. In the last few years, he has changed, and with his new group managed to come into his own once again.

That said, in this particular case, Glenn Beck has done a great job in a 48 minute video of making sense out of and pulling together the entire overview of what is going on in our country, leading up to, and into the new presidential cycle.

HEED HIS WARNING. It isn’t just him who is speaking, but many who have seen pieces and glimpses — but been unable to fit it all together. This has always been Beck’s greatest strength. They all are warning of serious danger on November 4 and beyond.

In this video he appears to do just that; put it together like a puzzle. It may be one of the most important videos you will see today that will help you prepare for the next four months.

I suggest that you watch this today, or record it somehow, so that it cannot be removed from your viewing. Guaranteed by not more than a day or two, there will be an outcry from the left over its content, and demand that it be taken off YouTube. watch the video at Nox and Friends

What Can You Do? 

A final word for those of you who have made it this far; today at American Thinker, Jack Cashill authored How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-elect Donald Trump.

Conservatives have a powerful voice, but only if it's heard. I've asked my readers to share my posts in the past. I'm asking again. If you think it's only about "hits" and making more money, you'd be dead wrong. I do not make one penny from this blog.  

I ask you to share, not just my posts, but all sources spreading the truth as best they can. 


NB: For some reason Blogger will show a redirect notice on all links. I think it's because I check the "open in new link" button.  Rest assured that all links are safe.

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