Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Mask Mandate at Walmart?...

appears so.

I've had it!

I'm pissed
Walmart will require customers to wear masks in its more than 5,000 stores in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the company announced Wednesday.
Beginning July 20, the nation's largest retailer will mandate face coverings at all its stores, including Sam’s Club. The company will provide complimentary masks for customers who come in without one, or masks can be purchased in the store. source
First Costco and now Wallyworld.

And for some reason Abbott in Texas has capitulated and is instituting all sorts of draconian measures to "stop the Wuflu."

Take a look at the following figures and tell me with a straight face that the Wuflu is a "pandemic." Go ahead. I'll wait. 

This is one time I don't mind sounding like that proverbial broken record. This mask wearing crap is just a way to subjugate the population of this once great and free country.

It seems for the next 5 days no one is in danger from the those pesky itty-bitty virus thingys while shopping at Wallyworld, but starting on the 20th you'll die without a filthy pointless rag tied on your face.

I'm going to head out and paint my house shutters dark blue while I ponder my next steps, and also spend some time focusing on all the great things Trump has done in just the past few days to calm my anguished soul. 

Christian Churches in Danger?

Why, yes they are.

My dear friend, Lone Star Parson, sums it up succinctly in his post today: Commies Hate Christianity - Wake Up  As usual, LSP manages to say a lot without using a bunch of words. St. Francis would be proud!


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