Sunday, July 19, 2020

AMERICA: Would you notice if you lived under tyranny?

not your usual Sunday fare.

But the time for truth, particularly on Sunday, has come.

Tyranny happens when we leave God out of the equation.  Christianity can justify absolute justice.  If you don't worship God, something will fill the void left in your heart and soul.

Oppressive powers hate religion and I think we're seeing that with the attacks on churches and in particular on Catholic churches and symbols (more on that tomorrow.)

"Reallygraceful" does not offer a solution to the problem in her video, but I have no problem telling you what I think.

Turn back to God. 

It's as simple as that.

I found this comment on Youtube to be interesting:

Halfway through, I just wanted to comment on the Orwell talking points. Orwell, was also a Fabian, though I understand he did end up leaving the group, possible due to a difference of opinion with George Bernard Shaw who wanted death counsels by which you must justify your life. The Fabians, though they painted themselves as socialists, they were primarily Eugenicists, and their sigil was a wolf in sheep's skin. The Fabians as a group were supported by the like of globalist elites Rockefeller and Rothschild. The aim has been for a one world tyranny, if not Fascist government controlled by the bankers, using social programs that Marx predicted the poor would be attracted to and for Marx, communism and socialism was the decentralization of power from Federal governments and the democratization of the workplace. Anyone who claims a Marxist agenda is clearly ignorant of Marx and is confusing it with Stalin or Lenin who thought they could institute such changes as Marx predicted by dictate and force. You cannot. What this all boils down to is that what is happening with the scamdemic fits perfectly, not only within the Fabian agenda but also fits their M.O.
While it is easy to blame the media, and I am one who is highly critical of the media, in particular corporate media for they do incite and distract, it is the individual's responsibility to accept or refute what they see or hear. Even more so, it is the individual's responsibility to choose wisely what it is they do watch or read, and, to critically analyze it. Not just emotionally attach to an idea because it seems everyone else believes it. A big aspect of propaganda is the hive mind mentality and that is a function of the reptile part of our brains for it seems emotionally driven, whereas reason and rationality are a higher function of the frontal cortex where your temple is.
It raises the question; is the susceptibility to peer pressure, hive mind mentality, mob rule, etc an aspect of an unevolved mind?

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