Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A post that never ended - plus Dinesh D'Souza video 3:37...

or started --- depending on how you view it.

I started this post several days ago, but couldn't keep up with the speed at which the crazies were shooting each other, protesting (always "peacefully"), and throwing Karen fits in stores.

Rather than sh*t-can it, I decided to just post what I had so far.  I'm a bit hampered by the piriformis syndrome cutting into my life.  I started physical therapy today and hopefully it will help.

So far: 

The Washington State Patrol thinks it's A-okay for people to romp on the freeway in protest over black lives which are supposed to matter.  For nineteen straight nights the I-5 in Seattle has been blocked by protesters.

But on the night of July 4th a car driven by a black man careened onto the freeway striking two white women and tossing them into the air. One has died and the other is in critical condition. I won't show the video because it's just too sickening. Didn't take long for it to disappear down the rabbit hole called "doesn't fit the narrative."

 Rioters in Minneapolis burned down whole blocks of businesses, violent thugs took over six square blocks of downtown Seattle where two people were killed and a few assorted others shot, and 24 people were reported shot in Atlanta overnight Saturday including an eight year old little girl who died.

I have to ask the question --- why is this lawlessness not only allowed to continue, but encouraged by the mayors and governors?

Would it be because every single city that is descending into chaos is led by democrats?

I keep hearing that people have a right to protest, but what about the rights of the people who can't get to work or home on a blocked freeway?  Where are the rights of the people whose businesses have been burned to the ground?  What about the mother of the eight year old child who has to bury her dead daughter? Where the hell are her rights?

And the democrat solution?

Defund the police or replace them with social workers.

Yeah - that should work.

End of old post:

  And now: Dinesh D'Souza tells us how we should proceed - and we thank him.


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