Saturday, April 18, 2020

Scariest video I've seen in a long, long time...


Certainly not because I didn't have knowledge of what's being talked about in this video.  I known it all for over 20 plus years.  That also corresponds to when we kicked TV and most movies to the curb and quit feeding our psyche and spirit with trash and lies.

Instead what's so disturbing is how rapidly the evil elitist took control of the entire world without a whimper from the masses.

I slipped over the the Dollar Store yesterday.  Trust me on this - if you are not wearing a useless mask on your face, which incidentally marks you as a sheeple, you are shunned and treated like a walking germ farm. Talk about the ultimate in societal division warfare.  Without a mask you are marked as a potential killer and may actually be in danger of bodily harm.

The only mistake in the entire documentary comes at the end when people are declared to be inherently good.  That's only half of the truth.  Humans were created by God and were declared "good."  Through the sin of disobedience by  our first parents, we are flawed and prone to sin. If that were not true there would be no reason for God to send a Savior.

It appears the makers of this documentary are baby Christians and in time will come to understand the difference between redemption, salvation, and the nature of man.

The fact that this was posted on American Thinker, but unfortunately linked to Q in some mysterious manner, is a sure way to make people dismiss it before even watching it. Q has nothing to do with this video.

It is clear that this video is being shadow banned by Youtube. If you go to Youtube and do a search you won't find it. You will find many videos with the same name that have been thrown up to counter everything covered in the real video.

I have great faith in my fellow travelers, many of whom visit here daily.  I ask you to take the time to watch this documentary and ponder the message.

I also ask you to share this video on your blogs, twitter, and Facecrap.

Yes - I know it's a bit over 70 minutes. So what?  If you can justify being unconstitutionally locked up in your home and soothe your boredom by binge watching trash - then you have more than enough time to watch this.


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