Thursday, February 27, 2020

Second day of Lent and stuff just got real...w/ Update

after being startled last night by the black mark on my forehead.

Really! I wandered in the wash my face last night and was taken aback when I spied a weird black mark on my forehead.  "What the hell is that on my forehead?", sayeth I to my reflection.

You know, it's not necessary to be Catholic to wallow in the repentance rituals of Lent.  Anyone can join in the fun, and I understand more and more Christian churches are doing just that.

Every year I make sure to have a plan for the Lenten season which includes a theme and inspiring reading materiel.  This year I chose 40 Days for Life as my theme, and for reading I bought a signed copy of "To the Heart of the Matter", by Shawn Carney - founder of 40 Days for Life.

From their website:

Yes, we live in a culture of death with almost daily attacks on life and the family. But we are also busy. We have work, families, house repairs, and sick in-laws. We want to join this important work for life but how do we begin? Where do we start?
It is easy to feel overwhelmed or have difficulty discerning where to focus our efforts to fight off the onslaught of attacks in our culture. Bestselling author, Shawn Carney, takes us through a 40-day journey, each day containing hard-won wisdom from his years fighting for life, as well as a prayer and daily intention.
Each passing year I find the specter of women shrieking about their "right" to kill their own children more repugnant and revolting. And when I consider the numbers of murdered babies it makes me shudder.

Wearing a pink pussy hat is not going to fix the damage to their souls and darkening of their intellect. The hat just adds a bit of the macabre. So I will spend Lent praying for the light of God and knowledge to enter their lives and will also pray for the hundreds of millions of babies who never got to live.

Office of the Press Secretary
February 26, 2020
Presidential Message on Ash Wednesday, 2020
Melania and I wish everyone observing Ash Wednesday a peaceful and prayerful day.
For Catholics and many other Christians, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season that concludes with the joyful celebration of Easter Sunday. Today, millions of Christians will be marked on their foreheads with the sign of the cross. The imposition of ashes is an invitation to spend time during Lent fasting, praying, and engaging in acts of charity. This powerful and sacred tradition reminds us of our shared mortality, Christ’s saving love, and the need to repent and accept the Gospel more fully.
We join in prayer with everyone observing this holy day and wish you a prayerful Lenten journey. May you grow closer to God in your faith during this blessed season.
Beautiful!!  Thank you President Trump!

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