Monday, August 13, 2018

Dinesh D'Souza: Death of a Nation...


I apologize for my silence lately, but the fact is I had nothing to say.  Rather than waste my time, and more importantly - your time, I refrained from cobbling together posts just to post.

We also had a mini-heat wave reaching a staggering (for us) 107° degrees on August 10th. Even though our portable air conditioner did a magnificent job of keeping us comfortable the heat, accompanied by extremely low humidity, leaves a person feeling wiped.

During the heat wave I also had to deal with an insurance adjuster who, as per his job requirements, was determined to not fix my car that his client so rudely smashed up.  I'm sure he wasn't used to dealing with someone who was very pleasant, but very, very prepared.  If you'd like I'll do a post on how to deal with adjusters later this week. 

After our little chat, he called back the next day and said, "Hey, good news.  We're going to fix your car and provide you with a rental."   But, of course you are, my precious little cabbage.

Death of a Nation

"A book is an intellectual argument.  A movie is an emotional narrative." Dinesh D'Souza

I can highly recommend seeing the movie and reading the book.  I'll let Dinesh speak for himself in this excellent interview.  It's well worth your time.

It's Monday Again

Funny how that day just rolls around every 7 days.  For naturally organized peeps (all 5 or so of you) Monday is a start to a new week of "getting stuff done." 

For the rest of us squirrel brained souls, we've allowed it to become a  day of dread and anguish.

As I said in a previous post, quit picking on Monday.

Since my work around here was severely compromised by my cataract surgeries, the natural inclination is to sink into despair of ever catching up.  If you feel perpetually behind and anxious a simple "flow chart" will help.

I call such a list "putting things in order."  For instance, this morning I plan on working on finishing the landscaping on our pond area. My simple list looks like this:

-        Pond entrance
     Transplant daylilies/Siberian iris
      Plant black eyed Susan
      H20 daylilies/front bed

Notice that the last item on my list is watering the front daylily bed which is in anticipation of weeding that area tomorrow.

Trust me on this, if you suffer from squirrel brain, you must do this for all your activities or you will end up being the last ball rattling around in a pinball machine.  In the pinball machine of life, you want to be the first ball down the hole - not the last.  Capisce?

There's another yuuuuge reason for putting on your blinders and following your list.  At the end of the day you will be able to actually see what you have accomplished.  You do not want to end your day with, "What the hell did I do today?"

As I said on that previous post on Monday being the most abused day of the week:

I welcome each Monday with great enthusiasm, enormous hope, and my tank full of energy.  Learn to love Monday.

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