Friday, May 11, 2018

Kurt Schlichter agrees with me: *Sigh* No, Being A Christian Does Not Require You Meekly Submit To Leftist Tyranny...

because Christians aren't wimps - no matter what someone has tried to make you believe.

It amazes me how often I see pagan/commie/libtards posting memes on Facebook touting what a Christian should act like, or how Trump isn't a real Christian.

Trust me when I tell you this:  commie/libtards hate Christians with a passion that is blistering hot.  They idolize the profane and ugly.  They're like vicious dogs running in packs waiting to leap on any unsuspecting person who crosses their path.

Kurt Schlichter once again pounds the nail smooth and straight in his article - and we thank him.

*Sigh* No, Being A Christian Does Not Require You Meekly Submit To Leftist Tyranny

I'm off to enjoy coffee with handsome men in uniforms.  Even though I'm officially under the purview of the Kootenai County Sheriff department, if they're backed up the Post Falls Police show up to help.  It's a toss-up which guys are more handsome.  

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I just picked up my eye drops for my upcoming cataract surgery.  Holy Cow!  $111.00 
 and they need to be refilled for the second eye surgery. 

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