Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trying hard to care...

about anything going on now.

Every day I'm finding it harder and harder to come up with anything the least bit interesting to say or think about the world we inhabit.  I was hoping that my Wednesday sojourn at history club would restore my default buttons to "give a sh*t", but that hasn't happened. If anything, it's made it worse.


I have no idea of what's going there.  From reports from people I trust, it looks to be a bunch of fake news propagated by the left to bring down Trump by hoping he will make the wrong decision.  You see, everything today is about bringing down Trump.

Facecrap and Zuckerberg?

 Nope.  He's a little beta male weasel.  Don't like what he's doing?  Simple.  Just leave Facecrap and get on with your life.

Calling for Facecrap to be regulated as to the veracity of what it posts is very dangerous.  Who decides what's true and what's fake? What's to stop the left from regulating conservatives completely out of the public eye?  Absolutely nothing.  They're already doing this by stealth so why would would we want to throw the weight of a law behind what they're doing?

Michael D. Cohen

Which brings us to the raid on the offices of Trump's personal attorney, which is just another way for the commies to discredit and attack Trump.

Many days ago I started the post below and never finished it. 

Keeping Silent to Keep Family Peace Makes You Part of the Problem... 
harsh, but true. 
I have a few people in my family who are closet conservatives surrounded by raging commie/liberals.  They refrain from ever expressing their views in a misguided effort to keep the peace. 
It's hard to fight back against a pack of libtards who believes in some Utopian fantasy which claims people can be made perfect - and, by gosh, if those misguided conservatives don't do it on their own, they'll ram it down their throat.

To finish what I started:

Keeping silent is the way the left has been able to ram their unholy agenda down the throats of everyday God loving and fearing decent people.  The commies on the left don't keep silent.  They shriek and scream.  They call you names. They bully and intimidate, and many conservatives just stand by and let it happen.

That is not keeping the peace.  That's called surrender and agreement. 

Stop It!


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