Friday, April 13, 2018

Cory Booker to Mike Pompeo: Do you believe gay sex is a perversion?...

yes or no?


This elected crackpot wants to discuss homosexual sex during congressional hearings?

Let me answer that for you Cory.


Clear enough?


Thomas Lifson:  Cory Booker disgraced himself questioning Pompeo

Metal Tape

Yesterday I was forced to replace the vent hose on my dryer. The vent hose had not only a kink in it, but also a hole.

I'm a big believer in duct tape and had used a few strips to make sure the present hose stayed on the dryer outlet during the process of cramming the dryer back into it's cubby hole.

During a routine Google search on the best vent hose I discovered that duct tape was not recommended for vent hose.  Instead I was to use metal tape.  Hmmmmmmm.

Hubby popped down to Ace to get more vent hose and I told him to grab a roll of  this mysterious thing called metal tape.

Holy Moly and Gadzooks!

Where has this stuff been all my life?

They also make this semi-rigid hose with plastic thingies on each end to stop kinking. 

A job that in the past was a nightmare was turned into an almost pleasant experience.

Other than getting my 72 year old self off the floor, it was super easy.

And now the dryer dries stuff.

Did I mention the tape is shiny?

Life is good!

At Amazon Today

This is a very cool lamp.  I would be getting one if I wasn't saving up for the extra $1600.00 I need for my cataract surgery in June.

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