Thursday, April 5, 2018

Is Facebook going down the tubes?...


Yesterday at history club, which meets at a popular local restaurant, I headed off to the rest room.  On the journey I witnessed an upper middle aged couple sitting in a booth with their heads bowed reverently over their smart phones.

On the way back the same couple now had huge taco salads in front of them, but were still completely absorbed with poking and swiping at their phones.  There was no indication that they had communicated with each other.

Understand - these were not teenagers, but people who had probably aged into their 60's.

The latest outrage is over Facecrap having a feature which allows third parties to scrap your information.  It also appears that messages you thought were private were not very private at all.

Well, duh!

The outraged among us (I'm not one) want, no - demand the government do something about this.

The problem is not the government's to solve.  It's your problem to solve.  Either quit putting your private life all over the internet, or just accept the fact that you gave away your privacy with the first password you dreamed up many years ago.

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