Monday, March 12, 2018

Is "Why" the most important question? Rethinking the most important question...

as it applies to the opposition.

Two days ago I suggested that "why" was the most important question we need to ask ourselves.  A big thank you to all my very smart commenters for their input in the combox and it would be well worth your time to read them.

Applying the question of "why" to the things we think and do is still high on my list of beliefs.  It forms the backbone of breaking bad habits, enforcing good ones, and sorting through the daily stuff (yeah - there I go throwing around 10 dollar words like "stuff" again) that makes up our lives.

However, when trying to apply the question to what motivates others to do what they do, it becomes a bit more sketchy.

Trying to sort out the thought process of today's progressive is like looking for a spider in your linen closet. 

Under consideration is how they were raised, the amount of propaganda they've been exposed to, education (with education and propaganda being closely related in today's world), and environment.  And it also depends on their quality of intelligence.

After perusing some headlines today (listed below) I've come to the conclusion that the average progressive today is of low intelligence, insecure, and just plain mean. 

And if we look at the legal definition of insanity, you may find a picture of any leading democrat politician right smack dab adjacent to the definition:
 Mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior. Insanity is distinguished from low intelligence or mental deficiency due to age or injury.
Just looking at these headlines makes a normal person say, "Huh?"

Blazing Cat Fur:  Parkland Survivors Attack Dana Loesch’s Children

Legal Insurrection:  The Governator Plans to Sue Oil and Gas Companies Claiming They Committed First Degree Murder

The Blaze:  City of Baltimore to spend taxpayer money on lawyers for illegal immigrants


and yet they demonize Betsy deVoss

NewsBusters:  CBS Hammers ‘Devout Christian’ DeVos: The ‘Most Hated Member’ of Trump Cabinet

even schools in the UK are not immune to the insanity

Daily Mail: Lecturers are told to attend workshops to 'understand their white privilege' and examine how their 'whiteness' makes them unwittingly racist

So there you have it, friends.  My quest for the "why" of the average progressive libtard Commie Marxist is drawing to a close.  Although I'm certainly not discounting the influence Satan has on their psyche.  

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