Sunday, December 24, 2017

Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve...

if you're Catholic that means Mass today and tomorrow.  

If you're planning on attending midnight Mass this evening it does not fulfill your Sunday obligation. Just thought I'd mention that since it is rather confusing.

I plan on attending midnight Mass even though we're expecting some snow starting at 10 pm or so. I attend a more traditional Catholic Church and the Mass is actually at midnight.  I don't expect very much traffic at that time of the night so I can go slowly if need be (and hopefully dodge any Christmas Eve drunks.)

Will my Yorkshire pudding look like this???

Shrimp cocktail
Prime Rib
Baked potato
Roasted asparagus
Yorkshire pudding (inspired by my good friend LSP. My first time - I'm excited)
a special desert of my own design that I will fill you in on later since I'm still working out the details.

May you all have a blessed Christmas Eve 

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