Saturday, December 23, 2017

About that "Nativity" creche at the Vatican...

instead of looking for Waldo, we're looking for the Holy Family.

Good luck finding them.

And when you do, you'll also find an ugly manly Virgin, an upset and befuddled looking  Joseph, and a bunch of cherubs who appear to have fully developed breasts. The baby Jesus is covered with a hastily thrown rag of a cloth and tied up with a rope until the kidnappers set him free on Christmas eve as soon as the ransom is paid. 

Surrounding this is a bunch of social justice warriors representing the corporal works of mercy, including a buff naked guy, and a dead guy on a pallet.
Nothing says joy like a dead guy

The Vatican conveniently forgot that in addition to the corporal works of mercy we also have the spiritual works of mercy:

  • admonish the sinner
  • instruct the ignorant
  • counsel the doubtful
  • comfort the sorrowful
  • to bear wrongs patiently
  • to forgive all injuries
  • pray for the living and the dead
While many have compared it to porn, I don't think it qualifies as quite that bad.  It does qualify as ugly with poor composition, garish colors, and ungraceful figures - sort of like the pontificate of Pope Francis.

Many have called it bizarre.  They would be correct.

Chaos and Cacophony
I have spent many weeks now contemplating the connection between events and the current state of society in general.  The conclusion I've come to is it's impossible to make complete sense of it all because there are so many tentacles infiltrating so many areas.

But certain things stand out as being more of a driving force - and one of those is the current Pope. 

Let's clear up one point immediately for my non-Catholic friends:  The Pope is only speaking infallibly when defining doctrine.  It has actually only happened twice - once in 1854 when he defined the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, and the second time in 1950 when he defined the doctrine of the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven.

That's it.  The rest of the time, in particular in the case of the current Pope who could use a governor on his tongue, he's just flapping off.  He reminds me of a  tornado looking for a trailer park.

Of course, nothing is quite that simple so here are some excellent sources if you wish to pursue this subject:  When the Pope Speaks Infallibly, and Papal Infallibility.  If you're Catholic, I urge you to read both these articles so you'll be prepared when your non-Catholic friends hit you with difficult questions.

And, trust me on this, if you dare to publicly share your dismay at this disgusting display the libtards, both in the Church and non-Catholic, will immediately commence with calling you names - homophobe, pervert, and just plain crazy.  Do Not Fall For It!

I have many things to do so I'm just going to cut to the chase:

Does what appears to be the infiltration of the Catholic Church, the oldest religion in the world, and the machinations of our government, the seemingly abandonment of our rule of law, and the coursing of our culture have something in common?

I'll let you think on that for awhile.

Meantime, these folks have gone to way more trouble to expound on this bizarre demonstration foisted on the public and all are worthy of a read and some contemplation.

LifeSiteNews:  Vatican’s ‘sexually suggestive’ nativity has troubling ties to Italy’s LGBT activists

Joseph Sciambra: The Vatican Nativity, Homoeroticism, and the Difference Between Art and Porn

Novus Ordo Watch:   The Frankie Horror Picture Show: A Look at the Vatican’s harrowing Nativity Scene

Palate Cleanser

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