Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trump greets Emperor Akihito like the President of the United States instead of Obama's simpering inappropriate, and cringeworthy bowing to a foreign leader...

notice Odumbo's deep bow?

Completely inappropriate - in particular combined with a handshake.
Generally speaking, an inferior bows longer, more deeply, and more frequently than a superior. A superior addressing an inferior will generally only nod slightly, while some superiors may not bow at all and an inferior will bend forward slightly from the waist. source.  source
We suffered through 8 years of that fool and his wife flying all over the world bearing cheap and chintzy gifts, talking through the playing of God Save the Queen in Britain, and not to be forgotten is Mooch patting the queen on the back (you don't touch the queen - ever.)

It's obvious that whomever was running the The Office of the Chief of Protocol was an idiot of first rank.

Amazon Deals in Women's Fashion

Ladies - I have found some beautiful dresses while scooting around Amazon.  Decent looking dresses that don't cost a gazillion dollars are very hard to find.  I like that so many women post pictures so you can see the dress in real time on a real person.  Order now for a new Christmas dress. 

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