Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sharyl Attkisson: Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media...

except possibly for libtards.

Why is that?

Because the newspapers tell the lefties what they want to hear. 

About the only people I know who still read newspapers are those leaning way left.  I haven't trusted newspapers since I was quite young.  The main attraction for me on the Sunday edition was the ads and coupons.

Years ago I loved the New York Times book section.  That was also chucked in the dust bin many years ago as the reviews are bought and paid for and rarely tell the truth about a book.

It's always amusing when a newspaper endorses a candidate for public office.  I had no idea a newspaper was capable of actually thinking.  Silly me - all these years I thought it was just paper and ink. 

So when a newspaper endorses someone is it the publisher, the editor, and all of the staff endorsing a candidate?  Or might it be half the employees? 

How about they just tell you who is running without editorializing and let us make our own decision?  What a concept!

Sharyl Attkisson epitomizes a woman who manages to be smart and accomplished while maintaining her lady like demeanor.  We have a real lack of women who act like ladies in today's world.  More on that later.

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