Friday, October 6, 2017

Will we ever know the truth about Stephen Paddock?...

not if you listen to his hapless brother, Eric.

or the FBI, either.

But first, read How Information Overload Robs Us of Our Creativity: What the Scientific Research Shows.  This is not surprising information for any of us who follow such research.  

Right now we are being flooded with speculation, theories, conflicting, and contradictory information about the Las Vegas shooting - most of which is just untrue.  Keyboard warriors are lit up like Christmas trees over the hope that their summation and thoughts presents the true and unvarnished truth.

Well, guess what folks?  Most of it is just click bait. They have no more ability to get to the real truth then I do - and that's about zero.  

I've purposely taken myself out of the loop the past few days. Almost zero radio (even Hannity is getting caught up in this He compared Tannerite to napalm? Good grief!) and have purposely avoided blogs that are famous for their click bait.  

The blogs are getting ridiculous in their quest to first with "breaking news.

It's amazing what how you can more clearly see when you are not feeding your poor overloaded brain with tens of thousands of words that mean nothing.

Which brings me to the FBI.  Are they telling the truth?  In my estimation there is much information that is being held back for investigative reasons.  Will they ever release what they know?  I don't think so. 

So back to Eric Paddock who reminds me of Fredo Corleone in the Godfather.  If you've ever seen the movie you know that Fredo was an idiot who needed protection by his brother Michael - who had become the new Godfather. 

Now listen closely here because this will change your thinking about what's going on.  Remember how Michael Corleone, and his father before him, lived and interacted in the world?  Ostentatious behavior and flapping off at the mouth was never a part of how they lived.  They practiced omertà which simply means they maintained a low profile and keep their mouths shut. 

Enter Stephen Paddock who, for someone living in 2017, had a very low profile.  His tracks are covered to the point where even the FBI appears to be having problems sorting him out.  He is not some crazed Valium driven psycho who just decided on a whim to kill a bunch of people.  This is way deeper and involves powerful people. 

 Paddock fits the profile of someone who had multiple connections to these powerful people.  Was he running guns? Possibly.  And what do the owners of the casinos know?  According to the Eric's interview his brother was a high roller and was treated like a king by the casinos.  Also according to Eric, he quite routinely won money when gambling - lots of money.  Money laundering maybe?

Because if he routinely won large sums of money in these casinos he would not be treated like royalty.  He would have been run off the premises post haste and his picture posted in every casino security office. 

Now watch this interview with his brother Fredo Eric where the guy can't stop running his mouth.  I'm posting the clip of a body language expert who dissects his behavior quite well.  There is still plenty she is leaving out because it would be too complicated for the lay man to include it all.  I've studied body language and neuro-liguistic programming (parts of which are pure nonsense, but some parts are useful), and used both to much advantage in the profession of sales. 

After watching this you'll wonder why his dead brother does not rise from the dead to blow him away just like Michael Corleone dispatched Fredo. 

As a tiny aside, I really take issue with this dope saying shooting a fully automatic weapon in "not fun."  In my twenties I had the pleasure of decimating a bunch of sand dunes in Galveston, TX with a Thompson sub-machine gun (don't ask 'cause I'll never tell.)  Trust me on this - it's bigly fun!


Paul Craig Roberts:  Las Vegas Shooting  (excellent)

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Gateway Pundit:  Wayne Allyn Root: VEGAS STRONG  (be very cautious about anything you read on Gateway Pundit.  I've linked to this because it's written by Wayne Allyn Root.)

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