Thursday, October 12, 2017

Project Veritas pt 2: Does the New York Times Exploit Social Media & Manipulate the News?...

okay - that question was completely facetious.

The manipulation of social media is really the most important part of this video.

The next most important and fun part is witnessing that fool Dudich continuing to shoot off his mouth and make a complete fool of himself.

We also get to meet Earnest Pettie, Brand and Diversity Curation Lead,
 who is, like, as articulate as, like, Dudich, like, basically is, like really. LOL (insert emoji)

The New York Times is going to try and pass these two mooks off as not representative of who they really are.  They'll claim they're just a couple of low level employees and, really, like, not at all, like us, like, higher ups - the real brains of the paper.  You know, like, your "betters."  Whatevs.

Trust me on this:  This is exactly who these people are. All of them.  They believe that because they are smarter, better educated, more moral, they are allowed to do whatever is necessary to advance their progressive agenda - because they are better then us dirt people. 

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