Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lying leftist mayor of Charlottesville, Micahel Signer, blames Trump...

and Jake Tapper, CNN loser, goes along with his statements.

Police standing behind Antifa peeps?  Strange...
No one has anything bad to say about Antifa (who it is becoming clear were protected by the police and who started the riot) or Black Lives Matter, another violent, racist, and intolerable group.

I'm having a hard time following the thinking of someone like this POS mayor who demands Trump renounce "white nationalists" while ignoring the mayhem and violence spread by other groups, because we all know how peaceful Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and while the pink pussy hat wearing women didn't start riots, they most certainly demonstrated violent rhetoric.  Wearing an ugly hat doesn't absolve you of being a hate group.  It's virtue signalling at its most repulsive.

The only person responsible for this is the mayor for not directing his police department to keep the groups separate.  Is that hard to understand?  The only way for this to have happened was for it to be allowed to happen.  I call that state sponsored terrorism.  I don't care how much money Soros poured into Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it would not have happened without the support of the very people who were elected to do a job and refused to do it. 

Trump was right to call out the violence by both all many sides.  The "alt-right" is no more right than the leftists who oppose them.  They're all collectivists - hence they're all leftists. 

Check out this list of groups who are "standing with Charlottesville." It's a huge tent full of  leftist haters and agitators.
Tonight and tomorrow, Indivisible groups, along with our friends at Women’s March, Democracy for America, Working Families Party, Resist Here, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Mi Familia Vota, OurRevolution, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, People's Action, Courage Campaign, Greenpeace, #AllOfUs, #Resist,, OFA, United We Dream, Win Without War, Voto Latino,, Sierra Club, Pantsuit Nation, Town Hall Project, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, iAmerica, National Immigration Law Center, #MarchForTruth, Color of Change, UltraViolet, IfNotNow, People Power, Faith in Public Life, CREDO, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Brand New Congress, South Asian Americans Leading Together, NARAL Pro-Choice America, RootsAction, SEIU, Hip Hop Caucus, CODEPINK, Peoples Climate Movement, T’ruah and others will come together in solidarity with our brave friends in Charlottesville who put themselves at risk to fight against white supremacy. source
You may want to take an anti-nausea med before listening to this blowhard spew his nonsense.

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