Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Minneapolis: Somali Muslim Police Officer Shoots White Woman in Cold Blood...

and the libtards are silent.

I don't have the will or the time for an extended rant, but I can't help noticing that my libtard bellwethers in Minnesota, who proudly proclaim their sadness over the Philando Castile shooting by a police officer, have not one damn thing to say about a Somali blasting away a white woman who called the police for help. They call the police shooting of Castile a travesty of justice after a jury of 12 of their neighbors acquitted the police officer of all charges, and yet are curiously silent about the murder of Justine Damond.

Over the past few days I have read hundreds of comments from Facebook to blogs and news sites.  The overwhelming number are are saying that the shooter, Mohamed Noor, being a muslim and a Somali has nothing whatsoever to do with the shooting.  Noor is not cooperating with the investigators and "offered his condolences" to the family of the victim while requesting that we "respect his privacy."  Is it possible to be any more tone deaf than that?  His offers his condolences after blasting this woman through the door of the police vehicle and across his "stunned" partner?  

Feckless mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, appeared on Good Morning America declaring her distress in her little girl voice and appeared to be just short of pearl clutching.

The source of the problem starts at the top with Governor Mark Dayton encouraging the settling of Somali's in Minnesota, who also told the citizens of St. Cloud, MN that if they didn't like the Somalis being settled there they should move.  The outcome has been less than stellar as the Minneapolis Somali community produces an astonishing number of ISIS recruits.

The problems caused by this influx of people unwilling to become Americans has necessitated the local agencies, including the police department, to hire Somali's as a way to "bridge the gap" and bring the disparate communities together.  It's not the job of the citizens of this country to pander to the Somalis and make straight their path.  It's the job of the muslims.  Period!

Now I'm going to say something that may make people angry:

This Somali muslim should have never been allowed to become a police officer.  There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that strings were pulled and eyes averted to get him on the force so the SJW's of the Twin Cities could celebrate their diversity and pat themselves on the back for being so tolerant.

Shame on them!


Minnesota Police Clips:  The Radio Communication with Dispatcher from the Night of the Shooting

BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension):  Update on BCA Investigation of Minneapolis Officer Involved Shooting

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