Monday, February 6, 2017


of the past few days.

* Of course, we'll have to start with the Super Bowl.  I actually turned on my big TV and watched it.  I did miss the halftime show, but I understand Lady Gaga didn't get all in-your-face political, and may have actually entertained the hoards. Good for her.

Since football is not really on my radar, I had no pigskin in that fight.  I thought it was a fun game.  And really, that's all it is; a game.

The ads were either boring or downright ludicrous and ham-handed.  Equal pay, Audi?  Not to be missed (and I'm sure no one did) were all the pretty little Muslim ladies wrapped up in their designer scarves sucking up modeling jobs that were formerly held by blacks.  Yawn.

On the upside President Trump called the game and Tom Brady is a Trump fan, so the #nevertrumpers are all #notmysuperbowlwinner.  They never fail to delight.

*  Huffington Post actually admitted Trump was right about something?  Why, yes they did.  Trump Is Right: Silicon Valley Is Using H-1B Visas To Pay Low Wages To Immigrants  Of course it was buried on some back page, but better than nothing.

* It's been reported that Judge Neil Gorsuch banned laptops in his classes.  That makes him way smarter than the average bear, but we already knew that.  Many studies have proven that note-taking on computers is the worst way to engage in the material being presented.  Sad to say, but many, if not most, schools don't teach cursive anymore, thereby making note taking by hand much more difficult.

I've recently started using the Cornell Method of note taking (yes, even little old ladies take notes.)  I was a bit skeptical of the method, but after employing it for a few months, I'm totally sold and use it for any book that requires deeper study.

A bunch of SJW's from my old neighborhood in St.Paul are making noises about high tailing it out to protest the oil line at Standing Rock Reservation, which proves how out of touch libtards are.  The Sioux tribe just managed to get rid of the old bunch of protesters they did not want there in the first place, and these loons are going to trek over to North Dakota to "help."  The only help the Sioux needs is cleaning up the massive mess the last bunch left behind, which is pretty much what libtards always do.  

 *  In other SJW news the ladies who march™ are all elated that some over-priced snob stores are not going to carry some of Ivanka Trump's clothes and accessories.  But, wait - I thought they were all for supporting women.  Isn't Ivanka a woman?  And what exactly did Ivanka ever do to them?  Last I heard, she was spearheading some plan for universal or free (or something) child care (I'm against it).  Isn't that a women's issue?  I'm so confused.

Personal update:  I've been so bad at keeping up with my schedule the past few weeks.  My morning pages are not getting done, and my bullet journal is barren.  I think many of us expended so much psychic energy the past year and a half that we now feel like deflated balloons.  Does it feel that way to you?

If you're in need a good journal for bullet journaling (or just a cool notebook), I have some great ones listed on ebay plus some other cool stuff.

*  Prayers needed.  Frequent commenters MadJack and Vladimir Solaratovare are both experiencing some very significant health problems.  Please keep them both in your daily prayers.

Birds.  Our busy bird feeder has attracted a few new visitors.  We've had quite a bit of snow and for the first time ever the quail (skittish little clowns) have actually come on to the deck to eat spilled bird seed.  They've even walked up to the slider and peeked in the house.  And..........................a lady pheasant braved the deck, too.  I doubt we'll ever see the male pheasant on the deck.  They're all alpha male types and probably tell the ladies to go grab them some seed - the bird version of "make me a sandwich and bring me a beer."

Here's a guy who feeds bald eagles up in Alaska.  You won't believe what you see when the camera starts panning around the ship.

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