Saturday, January 7, 2017

The lowlifes gather in the White House to celebrate their hero Obama...

and if you support any of these people that makes you part of the problem.

The only reason these people have any claim to celebrityhood is because people pour money into their coffers.  Is it really that hard to say "no" to their movies and "music?"

I haven't got time to list some of the attendees.  They're available at Daily Mail.  Pictures inside the bash were forbidden, but the photos of arrivals and departures was enough to know that the White House was trashed.

The Odumbo family couldn't wait to have a party in their new rented home - you know, the one where workers are busy building a wall.  Oh, hell noes.  Let's make the taxpayer pick up the tab for the food, help, and clean up on aisle four.  Eating chicken and waffles at 4am after an entire night of guzzling booze is a no-brainer for guests to be hurling it all up.  Hope they made it to a toilet.

The White House should never, under any circumstances, be used for booze fueled private parties.  Never.  Only state dinners or gatherings should be allowed.  If the president wants to have a few friends over, it should be in his private quarters.

Think on this:  These people all think you in flyover country are rubes, trailer trash, deplorable, and racist.  And yet you line up to dump your hard earned money into their outstretched hands.

Am I being harsh?

I think not.

13 Days

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