Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Warning: This live feed could be dangerous to your schedule...

but I'm posting it anyway.

People watching is one of my all time favorite things to do.  Right Side Broadcasting Network has set up cameras in the Trump Tower lobby for the ultimate people watching experience - the Trump Tower Elevator Cam.  This seriously beats our local Osprey cam.  RSBN is nice enough to scan the whole lobby area ever so often and many of the Trump peeps stop to talk to them.

This morning I saw Olympia Snow arriving and Kellyanne Conway leaving dressed in another fabulous outfit. I had no idea she was so tall and willowy.  Her clothes are impeccable.  Yeah, I know - I'm shallow like that. 

Best of all was the two police officers strolling through dressed in full swat gear carrying AR-15's.  No one even blinked at the sight.

Observations so far: 
  • New York women wear some really nice shoes and boots. Lots of high heels
  • Many of the younger women are wearing very short skirts and wearing tights
  • Most of the women are slim - the guys not so much
  • The people are smart enough to carry umbrellas when it rains
  • Most of the men carry nice briefcases
  • The daytime podium guy is bursting with energy - probably ADD
 If you watch on YouTube there's a lively chat going on.  For some reason, they've named the podium guy "Bob."  Works for me.

Senator Bob Corker just arrived right after General Flynn. 

Can you say "addictive?"

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