Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump trumps the MSM and makes them irrelevant...

by going directly to the people.

The Trump Tower Elevator Cam is a front seat to history being made.  Granted, it's not exactly like having dinner with Trump, but almost as good.  Yesterday, Pence took a few moments to speak to Right Side Broadcasting Network and ignored the MSM.  Do you think they're getting it yet?  I doubt it.  The MSM, and most the DC insiders, have a degree of unawareness that is staggering.

Tomorrow the first event of the Trump/Pence Thank You Tour takes place with a rally in Cincinnati Ohio at the U.S. Bank Arena. Scheduled start and broadcast time is 7:00pm

Posting will be light the next few days.  I'm having a tooth extracted this morning, and plan on resting afterwards.   Yesterday I made a quick trip to Costco.  Do you think I picked up any soft food for après extraction?  Why, no, I didn't.  Sigh.

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Trump Tower Elevator Cam Observations for today:
  • "Bob" the podium guy is off today.  I miss him.
  • The vacuum cleaner guys are wearing tuxes.  I kid you not.
  • The Starbucks (boo),that I'm assuming is on premises, must do a gazillion dollars in business every day.
  • The guys carrying the yuuuge scary black guns continue to draw no attention
  • It's not raining today in NY and I'm seeing more colorful clothing.  Maybe it's a NY thing to wear black when it rains. 


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