Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two things about the debate...

which have nothing to do with anything that was said.

If you watched the debate, there is no reason for me to insult your intelligence by telling you what was said.  It's one of my pet peeves with talking heads who, after any event, jump in to explain what I just heard.  And if you were unlucky enough to have been watching the CNN feed, the chatter was so anti-Trump as to be laughable. 

Aside from Clinton's right eye going wonky (you had to really be looking for it), I noticed a difference in the mics.  Don't you find it odd that didn't have the same mic?

Second, they had some sort of filter on Hillary to make her look more healthy.  Notice in this picture that her suit, which was white, looks almost peach colored while Trump's white shirt still looks white.

I just happened to be watching the feed on CNN and have no idea if all feeds looked the same.

That is all.

Except for:

Clinton said it's important to have more gun restrictions to "protect the toddlers" (huh?), but a baby can be ripped apart at 8 months 29 days in the interest of "choice" for the mommy.

There is absolutely no reason for an abortion at almost the time of birth to "protect the health of the mother."  None.  

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