Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump at Al Smith Charity Dinner: Keeping it Real...

and we thank him.

First off, the concept of big charity events has never sat well with me.  A whole bunch of wealthy people spending gobs of money to get together and pat each other on the back for throwing nickles at the poor and downtrodden.  You know, the people they've never seen and couldn't really care less about.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan (I'm not a fan), bragged that the dinner netted 6 million.  All that does is make me wonder what the charity grossed.

I also don't like the whole "roast" thingy they do.  It's one thing for a bunch of skilled comediennes getting together to poke fun at each other, but at the Al Smith dinner, it's just regular people who just come across as mean and nasty.

Trump got up and mostly read a bunch of slightly funny stuff.  Then he got real and brought up stuff that was true about the corruption of his opponent.  The "Catholic" crowd didn't care for that.  But, Donald, being Donald, was not having any of their hypocritical bullshit.  All those fancy elitist types wanted him to play along with the "we're all really on the same side wink wink" crapola.

In closing, let me thank Maria Bartiromo for providing us with the real entertainment of the evening.  Bets were being placed over whether her ample assets, appearing to be the real deal, quivering and bouncing about,  were going to escape the confines of her low-cut red dress.  Only an Italian woman could pull off tacky earrings, an inappropriately low-cut dress, and too much eye makeup and still somehow look great.

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