Sunday, October 9, 2016

Donald Trump is obscene ? Let me tell you what's really obscene ...w/Update

because I've had just about enough of this crap.

Here's what's really obscene:

These very politicians, who are so outraged by something Trump said 11 years ago, are the very same people who repeatedly vote to fund Planned Parenthood, which is nothing more than a slaughter house for babies.  Little humans who are poisoned, chopped up, ripped limb from limb with their little body parts sold to the highest bidder. Obscene is the leftists demanding that we pay for this slaughter of innocents.

Obscene is sick and aging veterans waiting in line to get the health care they were promised, with many dying before ever seeing a doctor, while Obama imports thousands upon thousands of Muslims who are at the head of line for every benefit we offer.  Obscene is the administrators of the VA receiving six-figure bonuses for not doing their job.

Obscene is a woman who ignored the cries for help from patriots in Benghazi and allowed those American citizens to be killed.  Obscene is her and the president lying about what happened.

Obscene is police officers being targeted for death while the White House welcomes Black Lives Matter thugs and congratulates them on a job well done. 

Obscene is endangering the safety and security of the American people by arrogantly having a private server where top secret information was easily hacked.

Obscene is Russia wanting to drop bombs on us using the uranium that Hillary Clinton sold them. 

Obscene is having a foundation that sells favors to foreign countries and operates as a money laundering scheme to enrich themselves at the expense of tax payers.

Obscene is having to endure Republican politicians vowing to not support Trump while ignoring the recently revealed and damning emails of Hillary Clinton.

Obscene is the GOPe and the MSM ignoring Bill Clinton's multiple rapes and abuses of women and Hillary attacking the victims to cover up his crimes   

Obscene is people flocking to "gay pride" parades where scantily clad men simulate deviant sexual acts to the glee of the crowds.  Obscene is parents dragging their kids to such events.

Obscene is the actresses who feign outrage at Trump's words while parading around with their privates exposed for all to see and promoting sexually explicit movies.

Obscene is The Blaze referring to Trump's leaked audio as "incredibly lewd."  Obviously, they haven't turned on a TV in a very long time.

Someone please tell me what world these virtue signalling jerks live in where the daily fare on our TV's is borderline pornographic, and 33 million people raved about 50 Shades of Grey, a poorly written book that trumpeted the glories of sadomasochistic sex.  Yeah - 'cause nothing says love like handcuffs and whips.

I didn't think this campaign could get any weirder, but it has.

My advice?

Don't let the MSM jerk you around.  This faux outrage is designed to pull your attention away from Hillary Clinton's emails to Podesta.   I actually feel jerked around because I'm using my Sunday morning to talk about something that shouldn't even be a topic of conversation.

And now it's being reported that sodomite Anderson Cooper will open the debate tonight with a question directed at Hillary Clinton about what Donald said 11 years ago.  I have news for you Anderson - no one cares.


More obscenities added by our must loyal friend and commenter Desertrek - and we thank him.

obscene - the sexual slurs regarding the Tea Party that the media gleefully engaged

obscene - the lyrics to most ALL hip hop and rap

obscene - hillary calling Americans racist after cops are shot by black criminals

obscene - chelsea hubell clinton calling the secret service pigs

obscene - flooding the Republic with illegal aliens from all over the world to destroy the economy and western values

obscene - denigrating law abiding citizens who might own a firearm as being responsible for crime

And the most obscene - denigrating and belittling Jews and Christians who practice their faith and believe in a higher power and right and wrong


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