Thursday, July 21, 2016

Crucizide and Ivanka as a Palate Cleanser...

Cruz proved to me that he was exactly what I suspected he was. 

Vote your conscience, Ted?  How about keeping your word?

From my forays onto Fakebook and comment sections across the globe, the result of what he did allowed at least 50% of the Cruz supporters to vote for Donald J. Trump with a clear and happy conscience.   

You do not mess with Donald Trump or Paul Manafort.  Heidi and Ted are not near as clever as they think they are. 

A few of my favorite quips about Cruz, followed by an excellent interview with Ivanka Trump to take the bad taste out of your mouth.

Keith Koffler:  Cruz came to Donald Trump’s Party and spilled red wine all over the carpet. On purpose.

Vox Popoli:  Even Apollo 1 had a better launch than Ted Cruz's 2020 presidential campaign last night.

The Last Refuge:  It’s called self immolation.  July 20th 2016 will go down in Cruz family history as that moment when Ted Cruz detonated his career suicide belt and created the #NeverCruz movement.

And my favorite:

Lame Cherry:  I am stunned after observing Ted Cruz, for Donald Trump provided Mr. Cruz the golden microphone to set Cruz's future, and for some reason, Ted Cruz wrapped his neck in the cord, jumped off the stage, and then beat himself to death.

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