Friday, June 24, 2016

What Hitler thinks of Brexit...

about time he chimed in.

Compliments of my friend, McNorman - and we thank her.

It's raining, so the only thing to do is head to Costco, eat samples, peruse the books, and try out the new Costco credit card.  They kicked American Express to the curb (thank you, Costco) and now the Costco credit card is Citi bank.  I don't really like any credit card companies, but I use it at Costco (only) for the rewards.  I am so well trained in thriftiness that to spend more because it's going on a credit card is no longer a danger. Twice I had to dig us out of credit card debt.  That will never, ever happen again.

The tiny part of me that is English is saying, "Yay", to the Brexit vote.  I always refer to myself as Italian, but the truth is I'm only half Italian.  However, since we are now all free to identify with how we feel, I've always felt more Italian than anything else.  In addition to the half Italian, I'm 1/4 German, 1/8 French, and 1/8 English.  The English in me is very happy. 


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