Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump: Master Negotiator...

giving cover to the GOPe.

This whole meeting thing going on today between Trump and the GOPe reminds me of the person who declares he "put one over" on the car salesman who just sold him a car.

Sure you did.  You just negotiated a deal for a new car, something you do maybe every 4 - 6 years.  Meantime, if the salesperson is good, he or she has 10 to 20 years of sales training under their belt.  They've studied under master sales people, read every book on sales and on closing sales he or she could get their hands on, studied neuro linguistic programming, and learned how to navigate every objection ever dreamed up by the customer.

Trump has had a lifetime of negotiating deals while Ryan, McConnell, et al, have been in their private little DC bubble thinking they're so very much smarter than Trump.
Earlier Wednesday, Trump sought to downplay the stakes of his visit with Ryan, telling "Fox and Friends", "If we make a deal, that will be great. And if we don't, we will trudge forward like I've been doing and winning all the time."
Trump's allies and advisers have repeatedly insisted that he can claim the White House with or without leading congressional Republicans. Additionally, Trump's team doesn't believe Ryan or the GOP's other congressional leaders have any significant influence on the majority of general election voters. source
Trump's team would be correct in their assessment.  No one cares what Ryan, or the others, think or do. 

Now we have Ryan declaring that he was very encouraged by his meeting with Trump this morning.

Of course he is.  Trump is doing nothing more than closing the sale.  And he'll go along with this kabuki theater in order to allow the GOPe to save face just the way the car salesperson lets his customer think that he "put one over" on him while he collects his hefty commission.

Trump understands that he will have to work with these people and humiliating them does not do him, or the country, any good.

So don't believe anything these weasels in Washington say about their meetings with Trump.

When Women Quit Acting Like Women Should
Dana Loesch vs Kayleigh McEnany 

Speaking of bubbles.

These so-called journalists who have risen up through the ranks of bloggers and alternative news have no idea of how unimportant they really are.  Ask the next 100 people you meet who Dana Loesch is and I'll bet you that not one of them has a clue. Same for Kayleigh McEnany.

Imagine my disgust at watching anti-Trumper Dana Loesch go on a rant about something CNN contributor (using the term contributor loosely) Kayleigh McEnany had to say about people who don't support Trump.

Starting out by screeching that she doesn't even know who this CNN "chick" is and how unimportant she is, she proceeds to spend 9 minutes insulting this unimportant "chick."  She really steps in it when she refers to Kayleigh's "flat chested red dress.  It seems Ms McEnany has had a prophylactic double mastectomy.  Ouch!  And why is Dana referring to Ms McEnany's breasts at all?

If you've ever wondered why our culture has become so debased and ugly, look no further then what has happened to women in our enlightened world. 

This, my friends, is what feminism has done.

In times past, it is the women who have set the standard for behavior and had a civilizing effect on the culture.  They provided, to the best of their ability and station in life, beautiful homes and encouraged Christian behavior in their children.  Now they produce illegitimate children who are raised by child care centers.
Women today are coarser than most men.  They spew vile language, dress like strumpets, and are applauded for this behavior.  Is it any wonder that the men act as they do?  

Anyone who can make it past 5 minutes of this ugly display is a stronger person than moi.

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