Sunday, April 24, 2016

Michelle Obama talks about bathrooms at commencement speech in Mississippi...

at historically black college Jackson State. 

Just for a moment imagine someone saying "historically white college."  Just wanted to get that out of the way first.

Here you have a bunch of black kids who have managed to wend their weary way through a college curriculum and are setting out into the world.  Do you really think they care about where people go to the bathroom? 

But life is not good for the Obama's if they're not spewing out nonsense and creating yet another victim class, including themselves.
"And then there's the countless times when that language gets personal and is directed at my husband –- charges that he doesn't love our country," Obama said. "The time he was called a liar in front of a joint session of Congress. The nonstop questions about his birth certificate and his belief in God." source
I guess she's back to not being proud of her country anymore.

I know there's a lot of other stuff in this so-called "bathroom" bill that doesn't involve bathrooms.  I haven't read the bill and have no intention of reading it since I don't live in Mississippi.  There's also a big brouhaha over the North Carolina bill.

I do, however, live somewhere that has a Target store. Target has said that they will allow anyone into any dressing room or bathroom based on who they think or feel they are in terms of their sex.   Any rational person can see a huge can of worms being opened up with that statement. 

I guess a whole bunch of peeps want to boycott Target.  I can't do such a thing because I don't shop at Target, and haven't for years and years.  Their merchandise is over-priced and low quality.

Oh, wait - this just in:

Target Changes Restroom Policy After Receiving Boycott Threats
Target spokesperson Jeremy Clarke released the following statement on Saturday April 23rd, “Our goal has always been to create an environment that is inclusive and comfortable for all of our guests. We did not previously understand the magnitude of our decision and could not foresee the large population of guests that could potentially be placed in an uncomfortable position by the policy. We will be working diligently to implement a new policy that is amicable for all guests. We have discussed creating a third restroom option for our unisex or LGBT guests.” source
Unicorn or Unisex?
He couldn't foresee the large population of guests that could potentially be placed in an uncomfortable position by the policy?  Are you kidding me?  And what the hell is a unisex?  Is like a unicorn that walks on its hind legs? 

Why are expending so much energy and time talking about the made up "rights" of less than 2% of the population?  This is but another shiny object to keep the masses upset, fearful, and confused. Don't fall for it.


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