Friday, April 8, 2016

Ivanka Trump and the pesky fire problem with her scarves...

odd timing, wouldn't you say?

All of a sudden Ivanka Trump's scarves have become front page news.  Not just any Ivanka scarves, but Chinese made Ivanka scarves.

 It seems the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided to throw lit matches on some of her rayon scarves.  Guess what?  They caught on fire, or so they say. So far, not one person has erupted in flames from these dangerous death dealing scarves. 

Ivanka Trump Pastel Floral Oblong

I wonder how many of the Walmart scarves would burn if I threw a match on them?  I'd slip over to our local WallyWorld and test my theory, but it might get me banned from the store and I like shopping there.

Do any of you really believe this a coincidence?  I don't.  First Melania is smeared, and now they're after Ivanka.  Pretty darn easy to get China to cooperate in not treating a few batches of  rayon scarves so the Consumer Product Safety Commission can suddenly decide that the very thing they need to do is throw matches on the screwed up Ivanka Trump Chinese made scarves.

This is really dirty, dirty politics to target the family of a potential presidential nominee.

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