Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Information Overload: Feeling Overwhelmed?...

how to make it stop.

I'm a sucker for "self-help" articles.  I'm also a sucker for organizing and minimalist articles, even though I'm attracted to pictures of what most people would call over-decorated rooms, and at times feel very disorganized.

Today, after perusing the usual "I hate Donald Trump" and "I hate Ted Cruz" articles, I actually was thinking, "Who gives a sh*t?"

Is there skullduggery going on in this primary?  Of course there is.  There always is.  Politics and skullduggery have always held hands and skipped down the lane together.

Can I do anything about it?  Nope.

Are we being lied to, manipulated, and propagandized by the MSM and others?  No doubt.

What bothers me most with those who have picked their savior™ is their absolute certainty that their savior™ is the only savior™ and couldn't possibly do anything wrong.  Their articles have become so predictable that I rarely bother to read them anymore.

Comboxes everywhere are over-run with trolls who are no doubt paid to mess with our minds.  Up-voting a comment is run by bots and means nothing anymore.

So, what to do?

Here's the only thing I can do.  I can recognize that I'm an individual who is in charge of my own life, and must do my best to manage my affairs.  It's also something you can do.

Today, at Mark's Daily Apple, is a wonderful article that brought some much needed focus.

How to Get Organized and Stay Focused in a Modern World

His point on what he calls "anger porn" is of particular interest:

Avoid anger porn
Between liberals rage-watching Fox News, conservatives gnashing teeth over Obama dancing the tango in Cuba, and anyone with a pulse reading Youtube comment sections, people are drawn to opinions and news that enrage them. I call this anger porn, and I’m not sure why we insist on consuming it. At least with regular porn, there’s a pay-off. With anger porn, we just get angry and frustrated. We can’t affect the world events being reported on. We can’t change that other guy’s disgusting opinion (nor can he change your horrendous one); we can reply to comments, but that just turns into a flame war without victors.

Anger consumes you. It depletes you. It’s a huge waste of time and attention.

Take stock of your digital sensory organs

Phones, apps, and social media are sensory organs for our extended digital brains. They provide streams of data and information, and this information either helps or hinders us. Unfortunately, our brain can’t really distinguish between useful and useless information before we see it; it all gets processed simply by virtue of our viewing it, taking up valuable brain resources in the process.
On a free day, take the time to sit down and analyze the data streams in your life. Go through your Twitter feed and survey your “followed” list. Are the accounts you follow making you happy, improving your life, inspiring you, or making you money? Stop following the ones who you answer “no” to. Now do the same for the apps on your phone. If they aren’t improving your existence, or are sucking your time away without anything to show for it, delete them. Do this for every digital outlet you maintain.
It's a fine article with many more valuable suggestions and well worth your time to read

What seems most overwhelming to you? 


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