Monday, March 28, 2016

Wake up...

you're being manipulated.

Do the people who have already picked their savior™ really believe it is beneficial to the cause of defeating Hillary to hurl disdain and insults toward the people who have chosen a different savior™

The MSM, internet trolls, and public opinion polls are all working in tandem and logging in tons of overtime to manage your attitude and responses.

Is it so hard to believe that Cruz really didn't know some super PAC was behind the picture of Melania Trump being posted in order to sway voters in Utah?

Conversely, is it so hard to believe that Trump was not behind the Enquirer story about the possibility of Cruz being active in bedrooms with women who were not his wife?

After doing some thinking the past few days, I've reached the conclusion that both scenarios I outlined above are probably true.

Always ask who benefits from the chaos in this whole ridiculous Kabuki theater we call an election.

It's certainly not the people who do not want to see a criminal like Hillary Clinton in the White House.

A comment at American Thinker blog on a post about this very subject:
I have been sparring with leftists online for over a decade, It's kind of a hobby. I know how leftists speak when they argue.
I would say at least a third of the "conservative" posters trashing both Trump and Cruz are leftists posing as conservatives.
They are here to do exactly what's happening, make us rip each other to shreds over small differences between the candidates. If we hate each other enough to destroy our own candidates before the general election, it makes the democrats' job that much easier.
Sadly, far too many people who Should Know Better are falling for their ploy.
If you are a person who thinks they're immune to manipulation, or would never succumb to propaganda, you are the easiest target. 

Hardnox posted a very good article about this very subject today:

Conservative Dumbassery 
Last year when both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump announced their bids for the presidency most conservatives across the spectrum applauded their entries into the race, especially since both were Washington political outsiders.

Fast forward to 2016… a metamorphosis took place during a 6 month period whereas a great many adopted the actions and ideology of leftists.
Yes, you read that right.

Lefties absolutely refuse to consider or accept an opposing view which is contrary to the approved narrative.  Conversely, many self-described conservatives absolutely refuse to consider the strengths offered by supporters of either candidate during a debate.  We now have flame wars and snarky character attacks.  It’s everywhere…. “My guy is great, your guy sucks”

So, how is that different from the conduct practiced by leftists?  READ THE REST
Since we're all endowed by our Creator with free speech, no one is going to stop you from saying anything you want to say.

Thing is, people are going to quit listening.  Is a rant really a rant if no one reads it?  Hmmmm...


Newsbusters:  Despite Complete Lack of Solid Sources, Networks Push Cruz Smear Again

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