Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shame on you, Ted Cruz...

for not speaking the truth.

You claim to be an outsider - someone who is not part of the establishment.  This brouhaha in Chicago was an opportunity for you to stand up against those insiders who organized and fomented violence in the hopes of hurting Trump. orchestrated the whole protest in Chicago, along with their buddies BlackLivesMatter, and any other street thugs they could round up.  On the heels of your calling Trump supporters "low-information" and "not engaged", may I point out it was not Trump supporters causing mayhem in the streets?  It was uneducated thugs with low IQ's and poor impulse control who were screaming about "free speech."  Where was Trump's free speech?

These thugs have cost the citizens of many cities untold amounts of taxpayer money while almost none of them have been held responsible.  They block traffic so hard working people cannot get to their jobs, burn down buildings, and trash vehicles.
Weathermen bomb making gone bad

Standing in the middle of these violence prone individuals yesterday was none other than Bill Ayers, co-founder of the violent communist group the Weather Underground, which specialized in making bombs and blowing up stuff - including themselves.  Ayers is a long-time friend and mentor to Obama starting back in Chicago.

So, Ted - nothing to say about Bill Ayers?  

Instead, you blame Trump.

Shame on you!

I thought better of you. 

Dr. Keith Ablow:
Listen, Donald Trump is very plainspoken. And, he does intend to change things. And if we thought that change would come without any disruption that’s not going to happen. Because Barack Obama promised to give this country away, to dissolve its borders, to weaken it, and people got used to that. And they figured they could have what they want and there wouldn’t be any rules. And when you try to discipline people and reinstate a country people are going to object if they’ve been infantilized.
[…] And I have to say, for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to essentially rubber-stamp the idea that free speech should be shut down because a candidate that they don’t like that he has said things in a very plainspoken manner just SHOCKED ME. I was like thrown back in my seat. What? Like they’re saying it’s a man’s responsibility because he spoke out plainly that people become violent?


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