Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quit calling Trump supporters stupid...

or low-information, morons, trailer trash, red-necks, ignorant, immoral, non-Christian, homophobes, xenophobes, and anti-family.

It's become rather tiresome.

And it's certainly nonproductive.

It makes no never mind if you support Cruz or Trump.  One of them will be the nominee.  We're supposed to be on the same side.  Let's try acting like it.

The other morning, after lighting up my computer, I did my usual perusal of the news.  I always start with Drudge, and in the past, many other "news" sources.  Those that have chosen their savior™ are off my reading list.  I have better things to do than read unhinged rants.

Next I hit Feedly, which has close to 300 feeds from various blogs.  If a title is of the unhinged variety, I just keep scrolling.

When I had completely run out of things to read, I glanced at the clock.  Only 18 minutes had passed.  18 minutes.  

The upside of this is I have lots more time every day to do other things.  The downside is I have lots more time every day to do other things, and I'm so out of the habit of doing other things, it has left me a bit discombobulated.

Speaking of stupid:

While Brussels buries the dead, Obama yucks it up in Argentina.


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Weasel Zippers:  Lib Rag WaPo Blames Trump For ISIS Terror Attack In Brussels

Political Clown Parade:  Don’t Worry World Obama’s Taking The Scourge Of ISIS Seriously 

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