Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Two Things for Tuesday: Trump and Vatican Light Shows...

both of which is causing heads to explode.

How dare Trump suggest that we place a moratorium on admitting Muslims into the country until they can be properly vetted.  Personally, I wouldn't admit any - ever, so you may feel free to pull out "you're being un-Christian guns" and shoot me.  I do realize that the possibility of this happening are zero to none since it violates law.  Except, in my opinion, those who do not qualify under the law as either immigrants or "refugees", which is most of them.

This morning I wasted minutes of my life reading John Podhoretz, over at Commentary Magazine, who declared Trump a "shock jock", thereby casting himself into irrelevancy by his latest statement about immigration.

Podhoretz starts out by trumpeting the recent poll in Iowa that shows Cruz and Rubio ratcheting to the top. (emphasis mine)
So Donald Trump just called for a ban of all Muslim entry into the United States — tourists, too. Instantly, he changed the focus of today’s political news from the failure of Barack Obama’s speech and (more important in Trump’s eyes) a rigorous new poll in Iowa showing him falling behind Ted Cruz and into a virtual tie with Marco Rubio.
Then he says (emphasis mine)
Now, I know the general line about Donald Trump is that his outrageousness and irresponsibility doesn’t hurt him. He says things no politician could say and gets away with it, or at least seems to get away with it because his poll numbers don’t crater. It’s hard to argue with this point, save for the fact that polling is incredibly unreliable and not a single person has yet to cast a single vote for Trump — so we actually have no idea what has hurt him or harmed him or made trouble for him or helped him.
Next he says (emphasis mine)
Nonetheless, he’s finished, and here’s why:

If the polls do indicate with some accuracy his level of support, he’s got something around 25 percent of the GOP primary vote. This means that five months into his candidacy, running as the best-known and most covered person in the race, 75 percent of those polled are not only choosing someone else, they are not supporting him. For him to win, he has to get more of them—a great many more.
Well, which is it, John?  Are polls a viable means of assessing someone or not?  Makes my head hurt.

Vatican Light Show
ROME, December 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- The Catholic Church, founded to shed the light of Christ on the world, has quite literally invited the world to shed its light on her. On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception as well as the opening of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis has allowed climate-change partisans and population-control advocates to project a light show onto the fa├žade and cupola of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome — the most important church in the Catholic world — so as to “inspire change around the climate crisis.”

The show titled “Illuminating Our Common Home” will project onto St. Peter’s “images of our shared natural world” in order to “educate and inspire change around the climate crisis across generations, cultures, languages, religions and class,” states a press release about the event put out by one of the sponsors. Do go read the rest - it's scary.
I don't usually expound on Pope Francis or the goings on at the Vatican.  The simple reason is I have a Catechism, and I know full well the teachings of the Church.  If Pope Francis says something silly, it makes me no never mind.  If he leads others astray, that's simply not my problem.  Those people should get their own Catechism.  If one of these poor souls makes a heretical statement directly to me, obtaining and studying a catechism would be my only advice.
However, this whole light show thingy (from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST), is really disturbing.  Not only because of the participants, but because it's just plain tacky.  A light show on a church?  They could be blasting Holy Family pictures on to the side of St. Peter's, and it would still be tacky. 

Is nothing sacred anymore?  

Not only is it tacky, but it's sacrilegious. 

This is a building that has been blessed, dedicated, and consecrated for religious use. To blast a secular light show on the side, no matter how splendid, depicting endangered species, and whatever heart-rending pictures they find to defend the unscientific threat of global warming, is a sacrilege.  It's as simple as that.


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