Saturday, December 19, 2015

Democratic Debate Summed Up...


The live stream from ABC is so bad, I'm sure I missed some important points.  On the other hand, maybe not. 

Lather, rinse,  repeat.

  • Take away everyone's guns.
  • Close the gun show "loophole" that doesn't exist.
  • Establish a "hug a Muslim" day.   Apparently if we're really, really nice to them they won't cut off our heads. 
  • Raise the minimum wage because if people have more money they'll spend more.  Golly gee - that will be so great for the economy.  A copy of Economics 101 is being sent to all three of them.
  • Free health care, except not one of them could tell us how much this free health care was going to cost.
  • Free college.  Typical.  Create a problem, and then offer the solution. 
  • Black people are being picked on by hateful evil white people.
  • Hillary - lets spend 10 billion dollars to fight heroin addiction.  How about more programs?  It's the fault of the doctors who prescribe too many drugs. 
There you have it.

If Hillary Clinton steals the upcoming election, this country is doomed.

It may be too far gone already.

Time for a timely reappearance of one of my favorite kittehs. 

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