Thursday, November 5, 2015

The world has gone mad...

and it's affecting your mental health.

I'm sure of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, you're not crazy.  Really.

Even though the evil lefties would like you to believe that, it's not true.

There is a lesbian mayor in Houston who is determined to pass a bill giving homosexuals, people who think they're something they're not, and other assorted mentally ill people an open sesame to sue the living daylights out of anyone who they deem to have "offended" them.  They call it "rights."  I call it insanity.

Mayor Annise Parker, says the fight is not over after her crappy (yeah - it was intended) bathroom bill went down in defeat 61% - 39%.

We have real problems in this country, but the mayor of Houston, who has sex with other women and claims to be married to a woman, thinks this bill is the most important issue to deal with.  And they call us crazy?

Not to be outdone, the Feds are threatening an Illinois school by withholding Title IX funding for not letting a boy who thinks he's a girl shower with the real girls.  The school gave the mentally ill boy his very own shower, but that wasn't good enough for him.  Then they partitioned off the girls shower with a curtain.  Still not good enough.  No siree. 

A few ago, pursed lipped hard-hitting "journalist", Megyn Kelly, interviewed attacked Illinois District 211 Superintendent Dr. Daniel Cates, demanding that he:
 “cut through the academic speak”, and wanted Cates to specifically answer why exactly he believed allowing a transgender student to use the restroom of their choosing would violate other students’ privacy. source
Throughout this quasi interview, Kelly referred to the student in question as "she."

Note to Kelly: This "she" is not a she, but a he.  He comes equipped with all his man-type dangly bits that he wants to flap around in the girl's locker room. 

You can see the 4 minute "interview" at The Blaze.

And who hasn't seen this disgusting video of little kids using foul language to castigate Trump.  Wow, that should do a lot to raise the standing of Hispanics in our country.  I can well imagine the legal immigrants cringing at these pint sized wanna-be gangsters telling us to "get fu*ked."

This is definitely NSFW.

Back to the original question - are you crazy?

You're not.

Hold your head up when a lefty calls you an ignorant hater.  It's all they have.  Name calling, insults, and intimidation are their weapons.  Don't fall for it.

They operate on feelings and rhetoric.  There are a number of sites that claim to teach you how to argue with a liberal.  I have one piece of advice - don't bother. 

Listen once again to Bill Whittle explaining "gaslighting."


Psychology Today:  Are you being Gaslighted?

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