Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let's rewrite history...

1984 has finally arrived and the people are so dumbed down they not only don't understand what is going on, they don't care.

We have elected pukes making a big deal out of retiring the Confederate flag in SC, and they're planning on digging up dead people and moving them. 
MEMPHIS, TN ( Memphis City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday to move the remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife from Health Sciences Park.

They have been buried in a park on Union Avenue for 110 years.

Council members are also moving ahead with plans to remove the statue of Forrest, and even looking at selling the statue to anyone who wants it. source
 Crime rates are soaring in most major cities, one third of the people in this country are out of work, illegal immigrants are killing our citizens, and all these over-paid politicians are harping about flags and football logos.  Do you see a serious problem?

A Personal Note on Prepping:

Yesterday and the day before, we experienced power outages lasting about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  It didn't take long to realize, once again, how dependent we are on our power.  Last week I had read an article, How to Prep for a Summer Power Outage, by Daisy Luther, over at The Organic Prepper, which was excellent (as all of Daisy's articles are.)

A power outage of a few hours in 98° weather is not too serious.  But after about 24 hours, you can kiss your frozen and refrigerated food buh bye.  A winter power outage in North Idaho is no big deal.  Toss the food in a box and stick it on the deck or in a snow bank.  But summer is a problem.   It's one of the reasons I started canning again last year, and concentrated on meat and veggies.  Man does not live on pickles and jelly. 

Daisy also has a fine article on How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack.  I highly recommend both.

On the up-side, our heat wave has broken, it actually rained today, and we're having bacon for breakfast.  Life is good.


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