Thursday, July 9, 2015

Glitches abound in the ethernet...

and the stock market shuts down,  planes don't fly, and the Wall Street Journal vanishes.

Sounds mighty fishy to me.

It also points to how dependent we are on the internet.  What would happen if there was a real cyber attack?

For one thing, I wouldn't be doing any shopping as I rely almost exclusively on the internet for most purchases.  On the other hand, I wouldn't be wasting time reading news sites and blogs every day.  Seems like a fair trade, and since I just bought my favorite lipstick online, saving me from a trip to Macy's, I'm set for awhile.

Which brings me to preparedness.  How prepared are you for such a scenario?  No doubt chaos would reign for awhile until people figured out how to run their businesses and daily life without the use of a computer - like in the old days.  Imagine a large company tasked with delivering goods to a grocery store, or UPS trying to deliver packages and having to do actual paperwork - by hand - on paper.  Ouch.  Good grief.  Do they even have paper?

Or how about a power outage?  Electric companies rely on computer-driven info.  How are they going to determine where a problem in the grid is without that info?

Some people are resilient and will figure it all out in time.  But while it's being figured out, will you be able to survive?

Which brings me to some articles that caught my eye this morning about prepping, starting with Preparedness Critics Are History’s Cannon Fodder, by Brandon Smith, over at Alt-Market.

In part of the article he said:
I recently read an article by Joshua Krause over at The Daily Sheeple in which he countered a mainstream hit piece article against preppers titled “Be prepared for Preppers.” The article is itself an immensely disturbed display, first using typical and unimaginative ad hominem arguments to marginalize preppers, then mutating into a treatise on why preppers should all be exterminated.
So, off I went to The Daily Sheeple, where Joshua Krause eviscerates someone named Leslie Anthony for his hit piece on preppers at some site called Pique.  

At that point I had to read Anthony's piece.


It's been a long time since I read anything so arrogant and ignorant.  I immediately had the vision of this Anthony creature as a limp-wristed metro-sexual weenie, sitting in a corner coffee house drinking a soy latte, banging away on his lap top, and feeling all smug and superior.  I'll bet he even wears loafers without socks, a deplorable and filthy fashion that should be abolished.

Here's his description of preppers:
Other than religious fundamentalists, tea-partiers and chem-trails believers, one might rightfully ask: Just who are these people? Actually, that's pretty much it. Think uninformed pseudoscience-nerd meets survivalist meets anarchist militia with a touch of DIY and homemaker thrown in (picture Bill Ny, Les Stroud, Red Green and Martha Stewart with swastika tattoos and a schwack of guns — e.g., Idaho Hillbilly)
 Proud to be an Idaho Hillbilly, you jerk.

He goes on to say:
Ah, poor misunderstood dorks. But what else can they expect? Read any of this stuff and you know: few preppers are smarter than a 5th grader, and, at least in the Washington and Oregon Cascades, most often meth-fueled, neo-Christian, anarchist bow-hunters who think they'll outlast the rest of us because they own weapons, wear camo tank tops, and used their welfare cheques to clean Costco out of Kraft Dinner and jerky. They're not only prepared, but actively seeking out disaster, "Bring it on Bitches" being the community's not-so-subtle rallying cry.
Welfare cheques

That says it all.  Who the hell spells checks "cheques."

I hope Mr. Anthony is enjoying his 15 minutes in the spotlight.  To catch the eye of hotshots like Alt-Market and The Daily Sheeple is no mean feat.  Me?  I'm just a little guy who thinks people who prep are smarter than 5th graders.

I have a question for you, Mr Anthony.  Who's going to make your soy latte if the grid goes down or even tie your shoelaces?  Oh, wait - not to worry.  You wear loafers without socks.

Let me start by saying that I almost never do this. I hate giving people a hard time for their opinions, even if they’re wildly divergent from my own. But sometimes, people say things that are so baseless and ignorant, they demand a response.
Such is the case with a piece published yesterday at, by Leslie Anthony. His article “Be prepared for Preppers” may be one of the most outrageous attempts to smear the prepper community, that I’ve ever seen.
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