Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We have plenty of things to worry about...

Rachael Dolezal is not one of them.

Maybe "worry" is not the correct word.  After all, to worry about something that you can't do anything about is rather pointless.  Actually, all worry is rather pointless.  Would "concern" be a better word?  Oh dear, now I've got another thing to be worried or concerned about. 

Rachael showing off her latest creation from basket weaving 101
Rachael is a strange little creature and has already used up her 15 minutes of fame.  Like the pull we feel to look at a traffic accident, I just had to watch a video of her interview with Matt Lauer, who is another strange little creature.
Let me sum it up: Rachael thinks she is being picked on.  Got it, Rach.  Now go away.

The Enviro Pope's Encyclical Leaked

Another big yawn. 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership/Trade Agreement

I guess a part of this trade deal is to allocate money to retrain people for new jobs when they lose theirs due to all this wonderful "free" trade that's going to occur.  Do you really need to be retrained to work at McDonalds?  Oh wait, McDonalds is replacing workers with cute ordering kiosks.

Of course, I'm not sure about any of this because the whole thing is a big fat secret.

I do know this: If you are trading with countries who pay their workers pennies on the dollar without imposing tariffs, it's not free trade, it's suicide.

Is The Donald running for president?

Apparently he is.

Confession:  I like him.  Always have.  We're a lot alike (minus the billions, of course. I also have better hair.)


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