Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Third Annual Paul Revere Award...

nominate your favorite "little guy."

For every large, splashy, and heavily promoted "news" site, there are hundreds of  "little guys" who keep plugging away year after year.  These little guys don't always have the advantage of lots of tech knowledge or a big budget to hire tech experts for constant flashy updates to their sites.

In most cases, I prefer to read the little guys.  These are people who still live in the real world with real world problems. 

Three years ago, Curmudgeon, of Political Clown Parade,  thought these indefatigable souls needed to be honored, so she gave birth to the Paul Revere Award.

Curmudgeon says it better than I ever could:
Three years ago I began a project to honor some of my favorite bloggers with an award. 

The brave and resolute men and women behind those blogs hold down jobs and raise their families or selflessly provide care for loved ones.  Unfortunately, they are often overlooked.  They possess an unwavering dedication to inform and warn their readers. 

They have the keen zest of the citizen whose patriotism is of the lusty type that causes them to take an active part in politics.  They add humor and common sense and they deserve to be recognized.

I chose Paul Revere as the icon for the award because he was an American patriot whose legendary “Midnight Ride” to warn the colonists of Massachusetts before the historic battles at Lexington and Concord played a vital role in America’s struggle to gain independence from Britain.

Paul Revere was not born to wealth—he was an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life. Revere was a patriot, a businessman, an involved citizen, and a popular and well-respected member of his community.

An obituary in the Boston Intelligence solemnly noted, "Seldom has the tomb closed upon a life so honorable and useful."

This year she's accepting nominations from her readers. 

Please take a moment and nominate your favorite little guy.

The best part?? 

 We're going to have an awards party with speeches, food, adult beverages, and music (thanks to Diogenes Middle Finger for the suggestion.)
Great Idea taking nominations!

I suggest an official awards ceremony with a famous guest MC and presenter held at the Casa de Curmudgeon.....ya know, bright lights, gowns and tuxedos and plenty of food...

From: Political Clown Parade:

One Week Remains To Nominate Your Favorite Blogs For The Third Annual Paul Revere Award
This past Monday I announced The Third Annual Paul Revere Awards for smaller conservative blogs which are all too often overlooked.  For the past two years I have selected the winners.  This time around I decided to open the award up to nominations from my readers...
 Head over and add to the list:


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