Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ted Cruz: The government is poised to steal your internet...

and it's going to cost you big!

Like I said in my last post:
I don't trust the "man" in the White House.  He is a proven liar.  I certainly don't trust the people who pull his strings and make his mouth move.  I don't trust most of the elected officials.  I also know that if you control communication, people's ability to travel, their food and, most importantly, their access to health care, you are in control of the populace. 
It seems Ted Cruz agrees with me. 


 Here's something else to tick you off.  Think about this as you gaze at you paycheck and the amount of federal taxes withheld.

Moonbattery: Confirmed: Obama’s Amnestied Illegals Will Get “Refunds” From the IRS Even if They Didn’t Pay Taxes

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