Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wherein right-wing blogs become as disgustingly obnoxious as left-wing blogs...

knocking them off my reading list.

I rarely take the time to leave comments on a blog post with which I disagree.  I figure it's their blog and they are free to say anything they want.  If, after time, I disagree with them too often, I just quit going there.  Simple.

I also don't like to see blog administrators continually berate and belittle their commenters.  If the comment was so horrible (such as those left by my troll, hence the comment moderation), they should not be approved.

So when a blog administrator purposely allows a comment they disagree with, and then attacks the person leaving the comment by calling them names - some of which are pretty ugly, I head off and wonder what possessed a person who presents themselves as a conservative to act in such a way.

Could it be that they've found this to be an effective way to pump up their stat counter?  A pumped up stat counter is good for the ads they may be running.  I have ad block plus so I can't answer to the ad question.

Two such examples just happened this week.  No links on purpose.

The first example concerns an article with which I disagreed. I used to enjoy going to DC Clothesline.  This week they ran a really silly article entitled "Ten Reasons not to Shop at Costco."  Fine. They have a right to their opinion.  Thing is, at least 3 or 4 of their "reasons" were provably false assertions.  How much credence can we at that point give to the rest of the reasons?

I left a comment in defense of Costco and am happy to report that out of the other 86 comments, almost 100% were also in support of Costco.

Then this morning, the person who identifies as "Administrator" at "The Burning Platform" posted an article entitled "Never Shop at Home Depot Again" over a data breach problem that he claims was covered up.

I don't usually shop at Home Depot, but for totally different and private reasons.  I worked there for a staggeringly long 2 weeks.  Longest 2 years of my life.  Heh.  But, if I needed something and Home Depot was the only place to acquire the item, I would purchase it there. 

What really caught my eye was a comment left by someone calling himself "Nonanonymous."

Nonanonymous says:
AFAIC, it’s the banks and the corporations problem. It’s their fiat credit and their problem.
Boycotting HD would only hurt the people who work there. I really wonder about some of these blogosphere blowhards. Sheesh, it’s getting as bad as the MSM bimbos.
JQ, we know you’re a corporate retail analyst extraordinaire, but there’s more important things in life than retail and partying like a rock star at Wildwood Beach, err, make that retail.
We made it down to the other WB over Labor Day, and plan to go again at the end of this month. No DHS drones this time, just an Osprey on a routine training mission.
I also fondled little boys on the beach.
And here's what the poster at The Burning Platform wrote in response:

Administrator says:

Why don’t you provide a scripture passage for us all to ponder you fucking douchebag?

Your ignorance of economics is enough to fill the Grand Canyon and your contribution to TBP could fit on the head of a pin.

Fuck off you bible thumping asshole.

Wow!  Way to  Win Friends & Influence People,  Administrator.  Dale Carnegie would be impressed.

Can you imagine hearing something like that from Always On WatchFrancis PorrettoJim Hoft,  Blazing Cat FurMOTUS,  McNormanReaganite Republican,   Proof Positive, or Euripides

You can't, because it wouldn't happen.

We seem to have a new crop of really nasty "conservative" blogs who are using the same tactics to improve their hits as the libtards.  

I'm not telling you to not go to the above mentioned blogs.  I'll say it again:  It's their blog and they can say whatever they want (unless it devolves into unlawful slander), but I also have the choice to not read that trash.

I have more important things to do.  Don't you?

 Ten Buck Friday

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